Our projects

Södra Cell Värö Sweden

Fully joined 7new dryers, main steam pipe line Dn 800,all steam pipe system from Dn15 to Dn 800 and all condensate system Main base metal by a groups 316/316L (UNS S31600 / S31603), Dn 15-Dn500.


Södra Cell Värö Sweden

Installation of furnace, installation off technological pipelines DN15-DN1200, installation of mechanical parts, Softwood pulp lines installation DN 158-DN300. New cooling tower montage jobs, drying machine fixing jobs, Extended soda recovery boiler fixing jobs.


Borealis AB Stenungsund Sweden

Stainless steel pipes from Dn 15 to Dn 500. Pipeline system updates.


ST1 Oil refinery Gothenburg Sweden

Carbon steel pipes from Dn 25 to Dn 400. Steam, condensate, pressure air, petrol systems renovation  and new pumps and platform installation.


Munksund cell Sweden Pitea

Installation of industrial furnace, installation of electric dust filter Exhaust system pipe lines, DN 2800.


SSAB Sweden Lulea

Renovation of industrial furnace, installation of gas pipelines base metal by a group -CR Gr.1.2 ISO 15608 (EN 10210-2, S355J2G3H).


Scouhall Sweden

Installation of electric filter. Base metal by a group -CR Gr.1.2 ISO 15608 (EN  10210-2, S355J2G3H), Welding operations in accordance with ISO 3834-1.


SCA Östrand Sweden Timra

Weak Wash Storage Tank 1 installation Centrate tank installation Dregs dilution tank installation Raw green liquor tank installation Lime Milk Causticizer installation Dregs tank installation Wash water tank installation Weak Wash Storage Tank 5 installation.


Stora Enso Uimaharju Finland

Installation and connection of gas, petrol, air, methanol pipelines to the main factory burner. Dn 15 to Dn 600.


Lipeckij Karton Lipeck Russia

Kiln renovation and support systems repair.


International Paper Svyatogorsk Russia

Frizzer and pipe lines renovation.



Maintenance services, pipeline repairs, valve exchange works, tanks repairs, reactors plates repair works, sulphurid acid pipelines repairs, Installation of NaOh pipelines.



Heat exchanger demolition works, Heat exchanger installation, piping works, Reactor cooling system modernization.


SCA Östrand

Fiber line, pipe line and valves installation.



Removal pipeline, Blastfurnacegas water blocks replacement (includes tanks and pipelines) Coke oven plants, Blasfurnace gaslines passing lines, Maintenance works.



Ammonium and Sulhuric acid pipelines installation, According to G-module Sulphurid acid plants, gas pipeline Dn1800 modifications Teeterwaterline pump installation, pipeline modifications of new lines Mines, Yearly Turnaround works.


Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

Ship building, Hull assembly.



Maintenance and turn around works.


Meyer Turku

Ship building, Hull assembly.


Weldmec Marine

Aluminum Boats production.