Our services

Our service range includes:

– Maintenance shutdown services

We regularly undertake and managed shutdowns for cleaning and maintenance, whether it is a scheduled shutdown or emergency repair, our highly skilled and trained workers can performing a wide variety of repair, maintenance, renovation and demolition services.

– Maintenance during operation

Our services during operation and maintenance help you to ensure the quality and safety of your facilities and employees. We provide preventive maintenance as well as corrective maintenance.

– Tool maintenance

We provide tool repair and maintenance services ranging from re-sharpening trim dies and repairing cavities to line-swap tool adjustments and material change over modifications; all of which help extend the life, or increase the value, of our customers’ existing tooling.

– Project planning services

We adopts resource planning in the preparation of all construction programs. Resources are used in conjunction with historical construction rates proven on other large projects of a similar nature, to determine accurate and realistic project time frames.

– Installation services

Our team of certified installers provides professional installation services for multiple market segments to provide owners, end users and general contractors with complete installation services.

– Prefabrication

With the benefit of early engagement, our design teams work with our prefabrication department to highlight the potential systems that can be fabricated off site ranging from packaged plant rooms, pipework and plant skid-mounted frames, utility cupboards, pipework and drainage systems, valving sets and corridor brackets.

– Disassembly services

We provide production lines dismantling, and industrial Assembly services.